A Weaver Wedding by Allison Leigh

Oh, Darlings, there is nothing that makes a romance more titillating than a secret. I love a good secret, don’t you? For instance, one of my secrets is that I adore it when men wear thongs. Well, I probably shouldn’t have said that Darlings.

But no matter! A Weaver Wedding is absolutely to die for. When Tara meets the handsome Axel Clay, they share a weekend of hot, passionate monkey sex. Then he leaves her, cold and alone Darlings! She would be better off with a mink shawl!

Then, months later, he returns. Only now he’s assigned to be her bodyguard! Tara wants nothing to do with the sexy and hunky Axel and rightly so since he jilted her. But she also doesn’t want him finding out about the baby he’s carrying!

Oh, the scandal Darlings! I love a good scandal as much as I love a good secret! The tension in this book is stronger than an elastic and the passion! Oh, Darlings, the passion nearly sizzles off of the page.

Now, Darlings, you know I normally like a touch of the paranormal, but for a contemporary romance, A Weaver Wedding left me hot and bothered! I wonder if Axel Clay has a brother? I know he’s not real Darlings, but a girl can dream.

Five out of Five Pearls Darlings!

Until the next sexy read,

Kiss Kiss!

Dame Vanessa Charles

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