Touch fo the Wolf by Karen Whiddon

I love any book that has paranormal aspects, wolves an shape shifters! This book has all three Darlings!

Of course, my chauffer Jose can be a wolf in bed, but that’s an entirely different matter!

Shape shifter Lucaine Herrick arrives in a small Texas town in search of a myth. A Halfling healer who has no idea that werewolf blood runs in her veins. She has the power to heal shifters with one touch. Lucaine didn’t believe that she existed but when he finds her he is even more shocked to find that she is his mate.

Samantha Warren is frightened at first when Luc reveals that he is a werewolf. She is even more shocked when he tells her that she is part wolf; that pack blood runs and leaps inside her. Can she trust someone she thinks is mad?

They have other problems however. Something, or someone, is stalking Samantha in the shadows and he wants her for himself. Can Luc protect Samantha, get her to heal an ailing child werewolf and protect his ice cold heart?

When Samantha is kidnapped and taken from him, Luc knows that nothing else matters but getting his mate back safely. But will she be dead when he finds her?

I liked this wolfish tale. It took a while to get started but once it did the plot had more twists and turns than my panties after a night of dancing! Luc was dangerous and brooding and Samantha was a wonderful heroine. She was strong willed and stood her own ground.

All in all, a lovely tale. Not my favourite werewolf book, but by no means the worst! This one gets three out of five pearls Darlings and I’m hoping the next Pack book is better and more action packed!

Till the next steamy read, Darlings!

Dame Vanessa Charles


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