Raintree: Sanctuary by Beverly Barton

Raintree: Sanctuary

Things are better in threes Darlings!

This is true with chocolate, money and jewellery, the perfect trilogy. My second husband often gifted me with such a trilogy though what I would have preferred is a trilogy of foreplay, steamy sex and cuddling but who am I to complain with a blue box from Tiffany’s?

I have waited for the ending of The Raintree Trilogy for three months now and I was not disappointed! It seems the books just get better as you go along. Inferno was okay, Haunted was fantastic and Sanctuary was incredible. This book was hotter than hot, Darlings!

War is coming to the Raintree clan! The evil Ansara, their sworn enemy, is about to attack and Mercy Raintree is in danger. She hides a terrible secret and fears the Danir, or leader, of the Ansara clan. Judah Ansara stole her heart years ago and she has loved no other since then.

What is she to do, therefore, when he shows up to protect her?

The two try to fight their growing attraction but are forced to come together when the battle starts on the Solstice. Aided by her brothers Gideo and Dante, Mercy is able to protect her people. But can she protect herself and her daughter from the man she fears and loves at the same time?

Will Mercy be able to protect the Sanctuary and what will become of the Ansara and the Raintree after the war? What strange roll does her daughter play? And will Judah ever love her again?

Oh, Darlings, what a conclusion! There is everything you could hope for in this novel: it tied up all the story lines in the previous two books, all the characters from the trilogy were present and mysteries were answered. Most of all, we are witness to a love of the ages. Mercy and Judah are meant to be together and this book simmered with their heat.

I didn’t want this book to end, Darlings! I now have to go back to the beginning and read the series one more time. This one gets five out of five pearls, Darlings! I was left breathless! That normally happens after really good sex, but it can happen after a good book too!

Kiss Kiss My Darling Ones!

Dame Vanessa Charles

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