Unforgiven by Lindsay McKenna

There is just something so sexy about shape shifters, Darlings! Especially when they are tall, dark and handsome men. I wish I could find a tall dark and handsome man. All I can find is my chauffeur Darlings! He’s dark and handsome but he’s only four foot nine! His face is right in my cleavage Darlings! He doesn’t seem to mind though.

Reno Manchahi is a shape shifter, able to turn from a man to a leopard! He is in prison after the death of his wife and daughter and is given one chance to get out of jail. It will mean killing someone else but Reno looks at killing as just a job. He will do anything to be free.

He is sent to Ecuador to eliminate El Espanto, a mysterious figure who helps the poor. Things go crazy when Reno discovers that El Espanto is actually a wealthy lady by the name of Calen Hernandez. The two are instantly attracted to each other but how can they love each other when Reno is sworn to kill her?

Things become even more bizarre when they both realize they’re shape shifters and Warriors of the Light. Letting his love for Calen free, they go on a quest to find a mysterious necklace. The love between them blooms to firey heights and the danger they are in escalates as the US government tracks them.

But what is the mysterious necklace? What do the Warriors of the Light do? They will have to depend on their love and their shape shifting abilities if they are to survive!

I LOVED this book Darlings! It had passion, sex, passion and more sex! It had shape shifting, sub plots, good people triumphing over the bad! Oh, Darlings! If I could get my hands on Reno, I wouldn’t leave my bedroom for weeks on end!

The plot is lightning fast and I didn’t get bored at all. The characters are well drawn, likeable and intelligent and the whole element of the paranormal adds so much mystery to the novel!

Add to that the fact that Unforgiven is the first in a new miniseries and I’m in heaven Darlings! I have to give this novel four out of five pearls only because the end leaves you guessing. But what an ending it was!

Till the next hot read Darlings!

Dame Vanessa Charles

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