Blood Red by Heather Graham

Oh, I love a good vampire tale, Darlings!

There is just something that is so erotic about a man running his teeth along your collarbone, wanting to take a bite out of you.

Except of course if you were my second husband, Hector. He had dentures, Darlings! Every time he tried to kiss me on the neck, his teeth would fall out. There is nothing sexy about slobber Darlings!

But thankfully, Blood Red is fantastic, Darlings! Lauren Crow goes to New Orleans with her friends Heidi and Deanna to enjoy a bachlorette weekend. But it goes horribly wrong for Lauren when a fortune teller forecasts her doom!

Lauren is being hunted by two men: Mark Davidson, a vampire hunter. Lauren looks like his first love, Katie, killed at the hands of Stephan. Stephan is also hunting Lauren and wants her for himself. Or, more specifically, her blood.

Fighting what she does not believe is real, Lauren must learn to believe in what she cannot touch. She must also learn to trust Mark Davidson if she is to stay alive. There is a growing passion that is mounting between them and Lauren must decide if her heart is ready for him. For only Mark can protect her from Stephan.

Running from a vampire who desperately wants what runs in her veins, finding love and passion in the arms of a sexy and ravishing vampire hunter…sometimes a girls work is never done….
I love every glorious moment of this book, Darlings! It made me want to show more cleavage and lie in wait for my own sexy vampire hunter. Except for the fact that all I have waiting for me is my driver, Jose, who just doesn't do a thing for me, Darlings!

Heather Graham has written a masterpiece of vampire fiction and I gulped this one down in two days flat. It's funny, heart-warming and so very sexy Darlings! I give Blood Red five out of five pearls, Darlings! Anything less would be criminal!

If you're looking for a hot, fantastic read this summer, this is the one, Darlings! Until the next sexy, hot read!

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