Playing With Fire

Darlings, I love a good fire.

It’s good to roast marshmallows on and it sets the right romantic mood for a sexy date. Except when your date gets burnt by a spark from said fire and the spark happens to have landed on Mr. Winky, thus ending the night’s entertainment prematurely and robbing me of a night of hot, sweaty sex. But I digress.

Reading the back of this book, Playing With Fire sounded like a fantastic read. Unfortunately, Darlings, it was anything but fantastic. It was much like an annoying man in a bar that won’t leave you alone. You feel obligated to finish your date out of pity but really all you want to do is go home and eat a tub of ice cream.

Bell Jamison has always had tough luck with jobs. She’s been a waitress, a dancer, a maid, a telemarketer and everything in between often working managing to work two jobs at once to support her dad who resides in a nursing home. Regrettably, she also loses as many jobs as she gets.

Her present job at Coffee Utopia is no different. Late for work she rushes in to start her shift and a man in a white lab coat rushes in, mumbling nonsense. Belle goes off to contact the police and when she returns, strange men are in the café holding everyone prisoner.

They are looking for a formula but no one knows anything. Belle drinks her latte, waiting for the authorities to arrive and finally is able to go home where she falls ill. She wakes two days later with a strange man standing above her bed.

Roman informs her that she has drunk a chemical potion that was put in her latte and she now has the power to control the elements; Earth, Air, Fire and Water are all hers to command. Roman gives her an ultimatum: join him and fight those who would use her powers for evil, or he’ll kill her.

Belle is in for the fight of her life as she battles bad guys, learns to use her new power and fight the growing attraction she has for Rome. Can she trust a man who wants to kill her? But how can she not when he is the only thing keeping her alive?

Sounds good, doesn’t it, Darlings? You would think so but Playing With Fire reminded me of a man with a big car: all flash, no substance. The book just didn’t live up to the cover blurb or the flashy cover itself! So disappointing Darlings!

I will try another book from this author but only to see if this one was a fluke. I can only give this one two out of five pearls Darlings!

Let’s hope the next hot read is a better one!

Kiss Kiss

Dame Vanessa Charles

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