Haunted by Linda Winstead Jones

Oh, Darlings! There’s nothing this Dame enjoys more than sex, love and a bit of magic. But I’ve never been so enthralled with paranormal romance as I have been with the Raintree Trilogy!

The Raintree are more than human, Darlings. Each has a power all their own. In the first book in this hotter than hot trilogy, Dante Raintree can control fire. Now, in the second, Gideon Raintree can control electricity and he can talk to spirits!

Where his brother Dante is all fire and brimstone, Gideon is like a tall, muscled drink of water! Gideon is a police officer and is tracking a deadly serial killer. His new partner, Hope, gets on his nerves because he is used to working alone. He can talk to spirits easier that way. But what bothers him most is the attraction he feels for her.

When a serial killer starts killing people, Gideon is concerned. When his cousin’s roommate is killed in error instead of his cousin, Gideon realizes that he’s in trouble. Someone is targeting the Raintree clan and the only people who would do that are the Ansara, their sworn enemies.

Now Gideon must find out who wants them dead, protect Hope who he is beginning to love all in a race against time. Before their time runs out…

Oh, Darlings! If only Gidieon Raintree really existed! I would ask him to contact my fourth husband to ask that stupid man where he put my black pearls! I’ve been looking for them everywhere Darlings and can’t find them! Well, that and I’d ask him the code to the safe behind my portrait. I can’t remember the combination, Darlings! It’s so hard to remember numbers when there are so many sexy men to read about.

Raintree: Haunted was so much better than the first novel. While Linda Howard did an okay job of setting things up, Linda Winstead-Jones takes things a step further and gives us a story we can sink our teeth into. Gideon is far less annoying than Dante and is a far better hero. The love he feels for Hope leaps off the page and you can really believe that these two will have a love for the ages.

But again, there’s no real ending, Darlings! It ends all too soon! Like far too many dates I’ve had lately. As soon as I ask the man I’m with to pay for dinner its excuses, excuses, excuses! I know this is a trilogy, Darlings, but would an ending be too much to ask for? It’s like the promise of sex with no foreplay; just so unappetizing!

Oh, but don’t despair Darlings! I give Raintree: Haunted four out of five pearls! It’s an excellent read and a wonderful book. Now I just have to be patient and work my way through Raintree: Sanctuary to find out how the whole mystery ends!

Till the next hot read, Darlings!

Kiss Kiss

Dame Vanessa Charles

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