Under the Microscope

Hello my Darlings!

Wouldn’t it be lovely if there was a drug that could stimulate women? Like Viagra? Strong enough for a man but made for a woman? Well that’s just what one woman creates in this sexy medical thriller!

Raine has created the ultimate woman’s drug: Thriller. Designed to jump start a woman’s failing libido (and really, Darlings, is it any wonder that a woman’s libido fails. I mean, have you SEEN a man’s penis? Some of them look like chicken necks!) Thriller is destined to become the next big drug.

Until four women die. Now Raine must hire an investigator to find out who killed the woman before the FDA shuts her down. Raine knows that her drug didn’t do it and that she’s being set up for the crime. Turning to the only man she can think of, Raine runs to Max Vanesk.

After leaving him three years ago, Raine knows that Max may have trouble trusting her. But they will both have to overcome their issues as someone wants them dead. Someone knows that Raine and Max are investigating the deaths of the four women and someone wants them quiet. After her office blows up, Raine knows she is in a fight for her life; and her heart….

Oh Darlings! What a fantastic, wonderful read. It’s been so long since I’ve read such a great romance that was also a fantastic suspense novel! And the sex! Oh, Darlings! It was so hot I had to blow on my fingers to cool them off. Then I went in search of my chauffeur, a delightful man named Jose who only speaks the language of l’amour!

There is passion here, there is heat, there is romance and there is mystery! What more can a woman ask for? I loved how Max and Raine finally let themselves go and let their hearts speak to each other. And of course, the fact that Max was built and hung didn’t hurt either.

I give this one four out of five Darlings! Perfect for a hot, sexy afternoon!

Till the next hot toddy!

Kiss Kiss

Dame Vanessa Charles

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