Dark Crusade by Lori Devoti

My Darlings,

You know that I always love a good book. Well, I love a good man for that matter, but that’s besides the point. You know that I give every book I read a fair chance. I give every man I sleep with a fair chance too, but we’re not here to talk about that.

When I picked up Dark Crusade by Lori Devoti, it sounded like an incredibly thrilling paranormal suspense novel. Exiled shapeshifer Kerr Vik finds himself in Gunngar, a land in between worlds.

His keeps thinking of the woman he loves, a witch named Heather Moore, and draws satisfaction from knowing that she is safe. But she has been transported to Gunngar too, right in the middle of a witch hunt!

Without Kerr’s protection, and his love, Heather may find herself burning at the stake like a large slab of barbequed pork!

See, Darlings? Doesn’t it sound exciting? Well, Darlings, it is my unfortunate duty to tell you that not only is Dark Crusade NOT exciting. It’s also tedious. I didn’t like Kerr, I didn’t like Heather. The book seemed to go all over the place with no sense of plot or purpose.

And Darlings…I’m ashamed to admit this. I’m reminded of the time I had to tell my gardener that he had to replant the peonies after we had crushed them during our lovemaking, but that’s another story. Darlings, I’m ashamed to say that the book was so bad, I couldn’t even finish it.

I finish every book I read Darlings, every single book. I just could not stomach this one. For that reason alone I give it One out of Five Pearls. My lowest rating ever. It pains me to do it, Darlings, but needs must.

Hopefully the next sexy read will be better!

Kiss Kiss,

Dame Vanessa Charles

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