Dark deceiver by Pamela Palmer

Oh, my Darling Ones!

I was so excited to read Dark Deceiver by Pamela Palmer! You will recall of course that The Dark Gate, the first book in the Esri Series, was one of my very favourite romance novels ever.

Well, Darlings, I should have known that nothing could be as perfect the second time around. I was reminded of when I married my second husband, Hector Rivera. He had seemed so much better than the first husband, until I found out he liked to buy me lovely lingerie and then try it on himself. But I digress.

Dark Deceiver is about Kenderil the Dark who is sent from Esri to invade the human realm. He has one task: steal back the stones of power and kill the small band of humans who do not fall under the Esri spells and magic.

The only problem is he falls in love with Autumn McGinn, a regular human who is not immune as the others are. As he tries to infiltrate their plans and learn more about what they plan to do, he finds himself losing his heart to this beautiful creature.

Will they fall in love or will Kenderil lose everything when she finds out who he is?

Well, Darlings, this book was…okay. After reading The Dark Gate, I was left spellbound and hungering for more more more! Well, I am afraid that Dark Deciever didn’t deliver. Now, don’t get me wrong Darlings, it was good. But it was like when you’re expecting chocolate cake and you bite into it only to discover the chef has baked a low fat chocolate cake instead. Terribly depressing.

There was no plot to this book Darlings, not really. Though the action starts right away on page one, part of what made The Dark Gate so incredible was the intense characters, the back stories, the unknown. There was none of that here. Now, I did enjoy it Darlings, but Dark Deceiver did not having me gripping the pages in white orgasmic glee.

So I’m going to have to give Dark Deceiver Three out of Five Pearls and hope that Ms. Palmer turns up the heat for the next Esri book.

Till the next sexy read Darlings!

Kiss Kiss,

Dame Vanessa Charles

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