Midnight Cravings by Various Authors

Hello Darlings!

Sometimes, this Dame just needs a quickie. And I’m not talking about the quickie I had with my pool boy Juan in the pool house the other day. Come to think of it, that one was a little too quick, if you get my meaning.

No Darlings, I’m actually talking about short little romances. Well, imagine my delight upon finding Midnight Cravings. It’s made up of six short little novella’s. Inside Midnight Cravings, you’ll find the following:

Racing the Moon by Michelle Hauf
Mate of the Wolf by Kate Whiddon
Captured by Lori Divoti
Dreamcatcher by Anna Leonard
Mahina’s Storm by Vivi Anna
Broken Souls by Bonnie Banak

Now, Darlings, I’m a little unsure how to rate this book. Three of the stories were really good: Mate of the Wolf was a hot little story that, even though it was short, got me emotionally involved with the characters.

Dreamcatcher by Anna Leonard was completely different from anything I’ve read before, and stood out because of it.

The best story in the collection was Mahina’s Storm by the incredible Vivi Anna. That story got this Dame’s blood rolling.

Now for the bad: Captured is the second story I’ve read by Lori Divoti and I am pretty sure it will be the last. Just like Dark Crusade, the plot made no sense and I didn’t care a lick for the characters; and you all know how I like a good lick.

Racing the Moon by Michelle Hauf is horrible; I’ve never liked her work and this story didn’t win me over at all. Badly written romance is still badly written.

And I’m torn with Broken Souls. I think, had Bonnie Banak tried to fit this story into a novel and given it more time, it would have been lovely. But it felt VERY rushed in a short story.

Now, this is just my opinion, Darlings. You may like the other stories more than I did. But Midnight Cravings is indeed perfect when you get that craving for a little something extra. Because I enjoyed four out of the six stories, I’m going to give the collection Three out of Five Pearls.

It’s not great, but it’s not horrible either. That's how I feel about all my ex husbands!
Until the next sexy read Darlings!
Kiss Kiss,
Dame Vanessa Charles

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