Protector of One by Rachel Lee

Oh, Darlings!

There’s nothing sexier than a good, strong cowboy who likes to ride his filly! I should know. I’ve slept with enough cowboys to open my own ranch! But I don’t like boring cowboys. This usually means cowboys who do nothing but talk about breeding instead of DOING the breeding; with me that is.

The same applies to romance novels featuring cowboys. I want it to be sexy, fun, dangerous. Well, Protector of One was none of those things.

It all started out so WELL, Darlings. It’s a shame that it didn’t continue.

In Protector of One, we meet Kerry Tomlinson. She’s got a mysterious ability that helps her to see things. When she starts to see a serial killer moving around the small town of Conrad County, she turns to Adrian Goddard for help.

But something begins to flame between the cop and the psychic and soon they are trying to escape the passion of their hearts as well as the danger!

Well, Darlings, it sounds exciting. It was for the first forty pages or so and then the story just goes poof! Like a puff of smoke. After such a great fantastic start, the plot gets boring boring boring.

The book does end well, Darlings, with a happy ending and love all around, but oh, Darlings. Something with psychic visions should be exciting! Not boring like home ec or filling in your taxes.

I wish I had liked this book more as it had so much promise, but Protector of One only gets Two out of Five Pearls.

So sad, but true. Like so many men I have known...

Kiss Kiss Darlings!

Dame Vanessa Charles

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