Familiar Double

I have been a cat lover for as long as I can remember, Darlings! So how wonderful was it for me to find Familiar Double by Caroline Burnes, starring Familiar, a black cat who solves mysteries! How cute and precious is that, Darlings? Maybe I can get him to do my house cleaning too!

Familiar is in Hollywood and finds himself the stunt double for a cat in the movie Midnight Magic. He works alongside Nicole, a beautiful stuntwoman and Jax, the stunt co-ordinator. From the very beginning, sparks fly between the unlikely pair!

But then disaster strikes! An ear ring goes missing from the leading ladies trailer and Nicole is accused of the theft! It seems her father may have had a hand in stealing a large jewel, the Eye of Isis, twenty years ago. He always claimed his innocence and now his daughter may suffer because of his fate!

Not if Familiar and the handsome, ravishing Jax have anything to do about it. Jax is a Texan and in Texas they stand by their women. Jax bails her out of jail and promises to help her find who did steal the jewel. But soon, the two find themselves unravelling a twenty year old mystery with the help of that frisky feline, Familiar!

But there someone on their heels. Someone wants them dead at any cost.

Oh, Darlings, what a fantastic book! I wasn’t sure I would like a cat who solved crimes, but he made me laugh and charmed me from the very first page. The only problem I had with this book was that it had no sex! Not one single hot sweaty monkey sex scene! This left me feeling kind of randy and I had to have a go with my gardener. He’s sixty if he’s a day and I know he doesn’t make much money as I pay him Darlings!

But I still give this book three out of five pearls because the love story if wonderful and the mystery is fantastic. Read on, Darlings and become familiar with this feline series!

Kiss Kiss

Dame Vanessa Charles

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