A Touch of Magic

Sex and Magic go together like sexy and chocolate.

I am loving the paranormal element to these romance, Darlings! So it was with pleasure I picked up a copy of A Touch of Magic. In it, we are in the future, in the year 2561. And Darlings, sexy men still exist!

On the planet Samhain, Tirana Albaster meets Lorne. He is a man that stirs thoughts with in her, thoughts of hot steamy sex and a want and need for satisfaction only he can give. But Lorne is more than meets the eye, Darlings! Magic runs in him as he is blessed by the Goddess.

Hunted by killers, will Tirana give into her lust for Lorne? And will she let the Magic that runs in her free? She will have choices to make if she is to live!

Oh, Darlings! This book has everything! Love, lust, spaceships, magic, sexy men, magical creatures! I felt like I was watching a pornographic episode of Star Treck meets Bewitched! I absolutely loved this hot, elegent tale.

I give it four out of five pearls Darlings. I just wish my body could go on an outer space adventure and that the planet Samhain actually existed. Maybe men in outer space wouldn't care that I'm fifty?

Till the next read, Darlings!

Dame Vanessa Charles

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