Hunters Pride

Oh Darlings!

There is nothing sexier than a shape shifter. Especially one who is a ravishing man and then a sexy, hunter cat. I love Shiloh Walker and this one did not disapoint!

Duncan Pride is part of a mysterious race of shape shifters. Years ago, he fell in love with young Kennedy, a troubled girl from an abusive family. In fact, Duncan killed her father to protect her! Now how many men would do that for a girl?

Years later, Kennedy returns to Pride Mountain to find out what she can remember about the mysterious accident. What she doesn't plan on is losing her heart to the sexy Duncan Pride who wants nothing more than to get her naked!

This was a saucy read, Darlings! The paranormal element is something I am not used to but it made my blood run hot like lava! Duncan is so naughty, Kenney is a VERY lucky girl.

I only had on problem with this book Darlings: the ending sucked. The climax was awful! I've had the same problem with all the men I bring to bed. All flash in the pan and then no flash! Just awful Darlings!

Still worth a good read though. I'll have to give this one three out of five pearls!
Till the next hot read Darlings!

Dame Vanessa Charles

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