AMuse Me

Oh, Darlings, I have so many fantasies!

That's what this book is all about. A sexy, but sexually frustrated, writer by the name of Eugene can only write crap because he has lost the passion in his life! This is not a good thing to happen Darlings as it leads to poor (or at very best mediocre) sex.

Eugene decides to head to Aruba to jump start his writing. There, he meets the ravishing Miranda who helps him to re-enact scenes and fantasies from his very own books! I love a woman who knows how to use her mind (and her body, it would seem) to her advantage!

The sex scenes here are steamy hot and very, very sexy. Indeed, I was very amused by Carpenter's hot hot hot book and a little turned on! If only the men in my life would do the same thing, I'd be all set.

I give this fantastic book four out of five pearls Darlings! Do get yourself a copy and go to Aruba for some Margaritas! Send me a post card Darlings!

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