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Every girl has a dream, Darlings!

Felicia Avery is a sexy young woman who hopes to make it in films! It is Los Angeles in the 1940's Darlings, and Felicia is hoping for a starring role in a movie.

But she does not realize that the casting couch actually exists (this Dame would love a romp on a casting couch with Steven Spielberg) and almost gets taken advantage of when the nasty man dies!

C. B. DeWarner is shot and Felicia runs from the room. She did not kill him and handsome as all get out cop Sean O'Rourke. He finds himself attracted to the handsome Irishman and soon they are tumbling in bedsheets and each other!

But there is a killer on the lose who knows that poor, poor Felicia saw something she does not remember. And he will stop at nothing to kill her…

Oh, Darlings, how I love a good black and white movie. But this one left me feeling gilted (like Vertigo by Alfred Hitchcock. What was that man thinking?). It was a lovely set up and the story had promise, but it didn't follow through.

I have this same problem with men. They can talk the talk but just don't deliver. It leaves me feeling very sad and wanting, much like this book. I would give it three out of five pearls though, because the setting is so very well drawn out.

Till the next book, Darlings!

Dame Vanessa Charles

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