Golden Threads

Oh, Darlings, how I love a good bedtime story!

In Golden Threads, we meet Lara who is a frightened little lamb. She has traveled to the small town of Pine Valley in hopes to have a regular life. Oh, Darlings, she is such a frightened little mouse. Even more so when she meets the incredibly sexy Devon Shane.

He has been watching Lara for she hides a secret that is monsterous! When they meet during auditions for Pine Valley's production of Rapunzel, Lara feels her toes curling and her hair starts emitting sparks. It's love at first sight darlings!

But there is someone who wants to keep Lara quiet. Devon must protect her with all of his manly muscles if they are to come out alive!

Oh, Darlings! I loved this book! I have never read anything by Kay Hooper before and was pleased to come across this one. I love fairy tales (especially naughty ones) and this one took the cake! It also made cheeks flush and my toes curl Darlings!

Devon is one sexy hunk of man and I would gladly give him my virginity. If I still had it. This is one incredible book, Darlings! I give it four out of five pearls!
Till the next sexy read,

Dame Vanessa Charles

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