Dance of the Gods

In the second book in the Circle Trilogy, The Circle of Six continue their fight against the Vampire Lilith! This was far better than the first book, Darlings and the adventure is there from the get go!

Blair is a vampire hunter who is used to living by her own rules. But when she starts to feel for Larkin, a shape shifter from another time, can she let her shields down long enough to let her heart feel again?

Even more pressing is the fact that Lilith is trying to stop them from reaching The Dance of the Gods, a circle of stone which will help them travel back in time to the battlefield where they will face Lilith. Can they gather the armies they need and still find time for a quick romp in the haylofts?

Oh, Darlings! Things are heating up and this Dame is glad! I was worried that the trilogy would be long, tired and drawn out but I needn’t have worried. I think the problem, Darlings, is that with Morrigan’s Cross, Ms Roberts wasn’t sure what she was doing in the fantasy romance genre.

With Dance of the Gods, she seems to have figured it out! This book has love, lust, magic, shape shifter, vampires and hot steamy sex? What more could you ask for on a hot day or a cold night? I’ve known nothing but cold nights having not found a man who is willing to satisfy my every need (especially my need for jewellery from Tiffany’s) but I digress.

I give this book four out of five pearls! This was one hot book and the ending was wide open for what is sure to be an excellent climax! And I do so love a good climax, Darlings!

Till the next red hot read,

Dame Vanessa Charles

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