Angels Fall

Reece Gilmore is a frightened little mouse, Darlings! After surviving a brutal attack at the restaurant where she cooked, Reece was the sole survivor. She flees, broken hearted and goes where the road will take her. She lands in picturesque Angels Fist, a small town where there are many secrets.

When Reece sees a woman murdered, no one in the small town believes her except dark, brooding writer Brody. He is the only one who takes her seriously and the passion between them soon reaches a fever pitch. Both have scars from the past. Can they look past them to let the scars heal?

More importantly, Darlings, can they escape with their lives? Someone in the town wants the murder to stay a secret and will stop at nothing. Not even killing again. Soon, Brody and Reece are in a fight for their lives to expose a killer and give into the passion that threatens to burn them to cinders.

I wasn’t sure about this book Darlings. It was slow to get going and, once it did, it was fine. But it was like a date without the foreplay. A woman needs foreplay to be truly satisfied! And a lot of foreplay? Well, the sparks that were there just kind of dwindle until you’re left with a desire for chocolate ice cream instead of a roll in the hay.

This book was a good read where this Dame could turn off her brain and just read it. But I wanted to be engaged by the characters, by the setting. And the entire thing just left me chilly and wanting more. I’m sad to say this is the case with most of my sexual encounters, but that’s a whole other blog Darlings!

I give this book three out of five pearls and hope that Ms. Roberts does better her next time out.

Till the next book, Darlings!

Dame Vanessa Charles

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