Raintree: Inferno

Oh my Darlings, there is nothing I like better than a good fire. Preferably one between two sexy people, not heartburn.

Dante Raintree is the Danir, the leader of the mysterious clan of Raintree. The Raintree can control the elements of nature and have magic abilities. Dante can control fire, can cause fire to bloom in his hand. It calls to him and he is its master.

Another who calls to him is alluring Lorna Clay. Caught using her telepathic abilities to cheat in his casino, The Inferno, a fire sparks between the two that threatens to consume them both.

That is not all they have to worry about, however. The Ansara, the Raintree’s enemy clan, has gathered strength and is launching an attack that will destroy them all, if the Raintree to not prevail…

Oh Darling! I was putting out fires left right and centre while reading this hotter than hot tale of love, lust and magic. It made my blood run hot and I thought for a moment my blood pressure had gone up! I wish that Dante would send some of his magic over here and magic me some money…or a man…or a man with money. Really, Darlings, I’m not picky. Either would do!

The only problem I had with this book is that it ended too quickly, much like a lot of men I’ve known. Prematurely, if you catch my drift. The ending was left wide open for the other two books in this sexy trilogy, so there is more to come!

Which is more than I can say for my love life. Either way, Darlings, I give this book four out of five pearls! Read it Darlings and feel the heat!

Till the next hotter than hot read!

Dame Vanessa Charles

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