Blood Calls

Darlings, there is nothing I enjoy more than a little bite during foreplay! And does this book have bite! I don’t mind a little biting as long as his teeth stay away from my plastic surgery. It takes a lot of money to look this good, Darlings!

Diego Rivera is no stranger to loneliness. After losing the love of his life, he has shut out his heart to love. That is until he meets the enchanting Ramona, a talented painter who is hiding a horrible secret.

He feels such lust for her but he resists as he knows there can be no love between him and a mortal; for Diego is a vampire. But he cannot ignore his feelings for her, cannot ignore how she makes him feel.

When Ramona becomes involved in an art scandal, Diego comes to her aid and lets himself feel for the first time in years. But when it looks as if he may lose Ramona, Diego is faced with a horrible choice: let her die or turn her into a vampire.

Can Diego work out his feelings for the ravishing Ramona and save her before it is too late?

Oh, Darlings! There is nothing I love more than passion and this book has it in spades! It’s sultry, erotic and so very gorgeous. This Dame found herself drooling through most of it! I wanted to reach into the book and pull Diego out of the pages for my very own. A hot Cuban lover, Darlings! Oh, it set my blood boiling!

It reminded me of one time when a gentleman approached me in a restaurant and asked if I had ever had a Cuban. I replied no, I had not had the pleasure. I batted my eyes and made pouty lips at him and he handed me a cigar. Darlings, I was heart broken! I wanted him, not a cigar!

Either way, this book is beyond fantastic. I give it five out of five pearls! Hot hot hot, Darlings! Diego can bite me anytime!

Till the next steamy read, Darlings,

Dame Vanessa Charles

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