Born In Death

Oh, Darlings. There’s nothing I hate more than a limp noodle. It’s squishy, embarrassing and there’s not much you can do with it except pity the darn thing.

I feel much the same about Born In Death, Nora Roberts’ latest outing as JD Robb. The book concerns the death of two number crunchers who were engaged to be married. The two die a grisly death and Eve Dallas, sexy New York Cop from the future, has to figure out why.

Also involved is a case of a missing mommy to be. Trudy goes missing and her friend, Mavis, hires Eve to find the pregnant woman. Of course, the two cases come together and Eve must juggle her personal life with her professional, otherwise more people will die.

Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? Well, that’s what I thought when the last man I slept with told me he had to wear large underwear because of his size. Except he was talking about his large behind not his large….assets, which turned out to be anything but large. So disappointing, Darlings!

As was this book. It was boring, tired and flat, Darlings and I could hardly finish it! Normally the sexy love scenes between Eve and the dashing Rourke make my mouth water but by the end, I didn’t even care about the sexy Irishman! And the day that I don’t care about a sexy, naked Irishman is when I know a book is in trouble.

This Dame thinks that Ms. Roberts’ should go out and have lots and lots of sex so that she remembers what passion is. She could also benefit from slowing down on the number of books she puts out. This one rated only one pearl, Darlings. I know, I was heart broken, but you will be too if you read this book!

Till the next read, Darlings. I hope its better!

Kiss Kiss,

Dame Vanessa Charles

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